1. Bancore - Banking Association
  2. Converge - HR Association
  3. Finsight - Finance Association
  4. Mae-Ground - Sports Association
  5. Maestro - Marketing Association
  6. Nitte Bloomberg Lab
  7. Samvahana - Speakers' Club
  8. Srajana - Cultural Association
  9. Samvedana
  10. Techbugs - IT Association
  11. The Wall - Literary/Writing Association
  12. E-squad Club [Entrepreneurship Development]

A host of student-related Associations & Extra-Curricular activities and events promote professional development and student cooperation.

Evaluation: The students will be evaluated on four-point criteria on their participation and contribution for 100 Marks by the individual faculty who will be in charge of the activity

1. Enthusiasm, Engagement, and sustained Interest.
2. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
3. Leadership and Initiative
4. Idea Generation, Creativity, and Innovation

Equal weightage will be given to all the four criteria above, and each student will be evaluated on a total score of 100 Marks which will be converted into letter grades as per the University Norms.

Each student will be evaluated for 1 credit per semester.

JKSHIM management education doesn't begin and end in the classroom. Students are encouraged to enjoy outside the classroom participating in various extra-curricular outdoor activities, sports, and games, and develop a holistic personality which is the true requisite for the demand of the business world and a good management career.

Srajana - Cultural Association- A forum named Sr'jana for the students' personality and talent development through art exhibitions and literary and cultural activities.

Students are given the opportunity, onus, and freedom to organize academic and cultural events with a competitive spirit bringing out their innate talents to mould them into a personality with the right attitude and values.

Designed to give hands-on experience – A national level B-School Fest ETTIN is held every year at the Institute, organizing events such as management games, business quizzes, product presentations, investment games, and so on planned, organized, and implemented by the students.

Organized to nurture creativity, teamwork, and effective communication, An inter-class management, and an annual cultural event, Synergy provides the right type of opportunities whereby students can express and develop their capabilities and cultural talents on a single platform.

Samvedana- Working with local NGOs and voluntary organizations, providing managerial inputs to Self Help Groups, organizing blood donation camps, environmental awareness programs, participating in programs directed at senior citizens and the underprivileged children, empowerment of rural women etc. by Voluntary participation of students in social projects through 'Samvedana,' the Community Service Wing

Samvahana - Speakers' Club- Focuses on developing the oratory skills of the students. Members will organize events that include presentations, debates, mock interviews, group discussions JAM sessions to build confidence overall and improve the language and communication skills of the students.

The Wall - Literary/Writing Association- An opportunity to exhibit creative talents through The Wall' magazine, managed by a committee comprised mainly of students and guided by a Staff Coordinator. Student Editor oversees the weekly editions. The contents of this Wall magazine are management-related, sports, current events, philosophy, and any newsworthy matter.

Conducting get-togethers, lectures, seminars, and placement talks, The Alumni Network mediates and facilitates interaction between alumni and the Institute, where the students can interact with the graduates and learn from their experiences.

The goal of the Placement Cell is to assist students in identifying and achieving the career opportunity that best matches their experience and values. Students will receive counseling on job search strategies, interview skills, and resume writing techniques and are allowed to participate actively in projects. The Placement Team ensures that students' employment opportunities are their priority. Students' career development begins as soon as they arrive. The Institute has been career-minded from day one. And together, we prepare you to meet the challenges you will face when you enter the business world.

With the support and involvement of students and faculty, various Associations have maintained impressive records. Representing a vast assortment of interests, these associations foster student unity, social interaction, and the continuance of business education. The activities of the Associations are focused on the active participation of the students to help them expand their knowledge beyond the prescribed university syllabi.

Students are encouraged to develop competencies in their chosen field of specialization by becoming members of Converge -the HR Association; Maestro –the Marketing Association; Finsight - the Finance Association and Bancore- the Banking Association. Even first-year students become members of the specialization associations and participate in various activities. This will give them clarity on the specializations and help them choose their electives. Students are encouraged to pursue independent thinking, intuition, and creativity through these Associations

E-squad Club [Entrepreneurship Development]
The main objective of the E-Squad Club is to infuse creativity and innovation among our college students. The club is functioning in our college to inculcate entrepreneurship culture among youth and equip them with the knowledge, skill, techniques, and confidence to act as torchbearers of Enterprise for the new generation.

Techbugs - IT Association

Faculty Achievement Dr. Sudhir Raj K, Professor, Justice KS Hegde Institute of Management, Nitte, has been bestowed with the prestigious Aryabhata International Award for his contributions in the field of education. The award was conferred at its 47th Award Function held at Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bengaluru on 25th May 2022.

Justice Arali Nagaraj, Former Judge, Karnataka High Court, Nadoja Dr. Mahesh Joshi, President, Kannada Sahitya Parishattu, Smt. Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Popular Actress & Padmashree Awardee, and Dr. H. L. N. Rao, Founder President Aryabhata Cultural Organization, conferred the award on him.