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Core values

The Core Values of the Institute:
Inner Voice: Greater internal locus of control, being able to reflect, courage of conviction, ability to work from own conscience
Diversity: Cultural Sensitivity (across groups), listening ability, empathy, knowledge of complex realities, ability to see things from different perspectives, ability to generate different alternatives, promoting team spirit
Enterprising Spirit: Innovation and creativity, Ability to foresee/ predict unmet needs and/or the creation of new possibilities, new ways, Taking calculated risks, Leveraging on constraints, Perseverance, Self Initiative.
Ethical and Social Responsibility: Means over ends, Equity (individuals, generational, gender, ecological, etc.), Concern and Sensitivity to others, Being able to explain/defend decisions/stand.
Leadership: Initiative, Self driven, Motivating others, People focus, Appreciative mind, Commitment, Organizational skills, Using authority judiciously, Being futuristic, Having a definite point of view, Ability to assess the environment and be flexible.
Analytical Skills: Ability to dissect issues/reality into sub components, Modeling real life situations into symbolic representations, Developing hypotheses, Ability to develop cause-effect relationship.
Communication: Develop Overall Communications Skills - Spoken, Written, Listening.